On a crisp August morning in 2023, the RMCERI Incubator buzzed with anticipation as entrepreneurs, both physically present and virtually connected, gathered for a transformative masterclass. The spotlight was on technology-based products and services—an intersection where innovation meets entrepreneurship. Professor Josef Gochermann, a luminary in Marketing & Technology Management, led the charge, weaving together theory, practical insights, and real-world examples. Let’s dive into the seven pivotal topics that illuminated this dynamic landscape.

1. Technology-Based Products and Services: Beyond Tools

Professor Gochermann set the tone by redefining technology. It wasn’t merely a tool; it was the spark that ignited innovation. Entrepreneurs learned that integrating technology into products and services could enhance efficiency, accessibility, and marketability. The room crackled with excitement as they envisioned a future where tech wasn’t an add-on but an integral part of their offerings.

2. Customer-Centric Design: Crafting Benefits

In the second segment, the spotlight shifted to customers. Entrepreneurs explored the art of empathizing with their audience. By identifying pain points, they could create products and services that genuinely benefited users. The mantra? Customer-centricity drives success.

3. Innovations Unleashed: From Ideas to Tangible Products

Innovation danced across the stage. Entrepreneurs discovered that groundbreaking inventions weren’t the only path. Enhancing existing products or processes—small tweaks, big impact—was equally transformative. The room hummed with creative energy as ideas took flight.

4. B2B Markets and SMEs: Where Tech Thrives

Prof. Josef Gochermann demystified B2B markets. Here, technology-based businesses thrived. Entrepreneurs learned how Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) could leverage technology to compete effectively. The message? Size didn’t matter; agility did.

5. The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Risks and Resilience

Real-world stories unfolded. Entrepreneurs faced challenges head-on. They understood that entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight path; it zigzagged through uncertainty. Risk-taking and adaptability were their compass. The room echoed with determination.

6. Building Business Models: The Blueprint for Success

Business models took center stage. Prof. Gochermann guided entrepreneurs through the maze. Key partners, revenue streams, cost structures—all pieces of the puzzle. Subscription-based? Freemium? Entrepreneurs explored, tailored, and envisioned their unique paths.

7. The Art of Business Plans: From Vision to Reality

The finale: writing business plans. Entrepreneurs structured dreams into tangible documents. Investors and partners would soon pore over these pages. Continuous refinement was the heartbeat. Flexibility, the secret sauce.

Conclusion: Equipped for the Journey Ahead

As the masterclass curtains fell, entrepreneurs emerged—armed not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical wisdom. Prof. Gochermann’s teaching style, peppered with real-world examples, ignited sparks of innovation. The room hummed with renewed enthusiasm. These pioneers would shape a future where tech-driven solutions made a meaningful impact. The RMCERI Incubator had set sail, guided by the North Star of entrepreneurship.