Business Development Support:

    • Mentorship and Coaching: We connect startups with experienced mentors who provide guidance on business strategy, marketing, and operations.
    • Networking Opportunities: We facilitate networking events, workshops, and conferences where entrepreneurs can connect with industry experts, potential clients, and investors.
  • Market Research and Validation: We help startups understand their target market, assess demand, and validate their business ideas.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

  • Office Space: We often provide shared office spaces, meeting rooms, and other facilities that reduce overhead costs for startups.
  • Access to Technology: We offer startups access to tools, software, and equipment that they might not afford independently.

Capacity Building:

  • Training Programs: We offer workshops, seminars, and training sessions on various topics such as financial management, legal compliance, and product development.
  • Skills Development: We help entrepreneurs enhance their skills in areas like leadership, negotiation, and project management.

Access to Markets:

  • Introductions to Potential Clients and Partners: We connect startups with potential customers, suppliers, and collaborators.
  • Market Entry Strategies: We assist in developing market entry strategies and identifying growth opportunities.

Financial Services (Apart from Funding):

  • Grant Applications: We guide startups through the process of applying for grants, which can be used for various purposes.
  • Investor Readiness: We help startups prepare for investment pitches and connect them with angel investors or venture capitalists.

Legal and Administrative Support:

    • Company Registration and Compliance: We assist with legal requirements, registration, and compliance.
    • Intellectual Property (IP) Advice: We provide guidance on protecting IP rights.

    Sector-Specific Support:

    • We focus on all industries and tailor their services accordingly.

    Martin Manmohan

    Center Manager

    We provide tailored mentorship, access to cutting-edge facilities, skills enhancement, market insights, networking opportunities, legal support, and connections to funding channels. Their holistic ecosystem nurtures talent and fosters collaboration, enabling incubatees to thrive.