Rail Car Learning Factory

The learning factory is a practise environment enabling the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practise. Students, trainees and practitioners across various disciplines and industries can conduct experiments in this risk-free environment to enhance their industry experience. The rail car learning factory focuses on manufacturing processes most relevant for stakeholders in the rail manufacturing value chain, nevertheless the technology offered is applicable across various industries including automobile, aerospace and road transport manufacturing. The learning factory provides a test-bed for emerging Industry 4.0 technologies; this is imperative in minimizing risk when adopting technology by simulating its potential impact on production. Our technologies provide off the job and on the job assistance to cater for the requirements of learning institutions and manufacturing entities including OEMs and SMMEs.

Industry 4.0 Technologies

  • To leverage on digitalization in the era of Industry 4.0 the rail car learning factory explores visualization technology such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed-Reality and the digital twin.
  • 3D printing: providing ease of customization and cost-effective production compared to conventional methods of manufacturing. The LF is excited to hear about your project and is willing to assist you on designing 3D models and printing the products you need for your project

Augmented and Mixed Reality


Game-based learning

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