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                   cknowledgement  is  hereby  expressed  to  Gibela  for  the  support  both  finan-
                   cially and through its workforce on the challenges they have provided for our

         A researchers. A special  word  of thanks goes  to my assistant, Ms  Tsholofelo
         Mokolopo, who has played an important role in accomplishing the milestones for the year

         2019/20. Additionally, my thanks go to the Head of Department (HoD) of the Department of
         Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at TUT

         together with the staff complement for their support and guidance throughout the year.

         The postgraduate students are thanked as the machinery of chair. They have all played
         pivotal  roles  during  the past transitioning  phase and  we  wish  them and  their  families

         everything of the best for the future. The Executive Management Committee has also been
         very supportive through the various engagements. I had to be invited to their meetings in

         order to engage with them regarding some of the ideas on which we were working to
         empower people in various communities. The chairperson  of the steering committee,

         Dr Mncono-Liwani and committee members, Mr Devega, Mr Mudau, Prof Munda, Dr van
         der Walt, Dr Mgwebi and Prof Cadet have been influential in the achievements of 2019.

         We acknowledge the departure of Dr Mgwebi and Mr Devega; their contribution to grow-
         ing the chair will be remembered. Mr Devega was key in the jigs project and Dr Mgwebi

         in harnessing a DST status.

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