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                           e a r   2 019/ 2 0 w a s a ye a r t e r m e d t h e Y E A R O F D I S C OV E RY
                           (1  April 2019 to 31 March 2020) towards growth and improvement  in

                  Yestablishing  mechanisms to advance  research in manufacturing  and skills
                  development.  Steering Committee (SteerCom)  members played a critical role as

                  their expertise  proved  essential  to guide  the Research  Chair.  The SteerCom  mem-
                  bers gave continuous oversight wherein they directed and guided the overall perfor-

                  mance of the Research Chair. This was executed within a framework of good corpo-
                  rate governance towards the fulfilment of the terms of reference of the establishment.

                  This annual report summarises the progress to date, events and achievements of the

                  Gibela Research Chair (GRC) at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Depart-
                  ment of Industrial Engineering for the year 2019/20(from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020).

                  The report documents the milestones still to be achieved, successes and achievements
                  of a team that remains dedicated to skills development. The emphasis and focus falls on

                  the core business of the GRC of establishing and maintaining an ecosystems approach
                  to support Gibela’s mandate to renew the commuter railcar fleet through manufacturing

                  research and skills development. In tandem with this vision is the effort exerted to provide
                  essential support and enablers for young people to improve their livelihoods, through

                  research and development.

                  Some of the key highlights in the past year are delivery of a special jigs project as well
                  as the  establishment of  an incubator to  develop entrepreneurial  skills linked to  the

                  initiative.  More than ten local  and international awards  and recognition  in various
                  forms  have been received by  the  Research Chair team;  the  report details the  said

                  achievements.  Special  sessions  held  at both local  and international  conferences
                  continue  to  be  instruments  used  to  share  and  disseminate  the  findings  of  the  Chair.

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